Features of hostels

Hostels are very similar to hotels but they have their special features of accommodation. Therefore some people prefer only this type of lodging for the night, and other try to avoid hostels. Firstly it is connected to the fact that such mini-hotels’ structure is similar to dormitories. Beds can be in one room; living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms or shower cabins are also of general use. Though hostels are much cheaper than hotels and they have a peculiar comfort, a lot of people still prefer to choose rooms with minimum number of neighbours who can invade their personal space.

Dorm room in Artist Hostel on Moskvoretskaya Bank, Moscow

Dorm room in Artist Hostel on Moskvoretskaya Bank, Moscow

Each client has inquiries on comfort of accommodation therefore one person will see only pluses of hostels instead of hotels, the other will see only minuses. Let’s consider positive and negative sides of hostel accommodation in more detail.

Travellers’ tips: how to find your perfect hostel?


Choice of accommodation is rather responsible question for every tourist. If the person has great financial opportunities ,there is no need in limiting himself, he could just stay in 5-stars hotels or in an apartment overlooking the sea.

If the budget is modest or it is necessary to stay for just one night, it is better to choose a hostel. There are plenty of hostels in every single city or town in Europe. They offer their services for a small amount of money. But what “hostel” is?

Map of Moscow and the action – SELFI with discounts!


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Where to stay in Moscow inexpensively?


We will be very glad to see you in our hostels of the Artist network!

Moscow is a multi-purpose city where there are people from all corners of Russia and from all over the world.

Who haven’t already visited our hostels? We would even list everyone, but now we are sure that out hostels are loved and well-known between our fellow countrymen and foreigners.

People of different age and interests stay in the Artist hostels

People of different age and interests stay in the Artist hostels

Comparison of the Godzillas and Chillax hostels in Moscow on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

  • Godzillas

    700 метров до метро Цветной Бульвар
    Москва, Большой Каретный пер., 6
    +7 (495) 699-42-23
  • Chillax

    500 метров до метро Цветной Бульвар
    Москва, 2-й Колобовский пер., 9
    +7 (495) 620-59-59