Достичь 47 неба и релаксировать


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ICON Hostel in Moscow City: from the top of the position


Хостел ICON: с высоты положения

I have never stayed on the 43rd floor. It determined the choice of the hostel for my March business trip to Moscow. Before that, I stayed in the historical centre, so the hostel in the Moscow International Business Centre is unique. It turns out that it is possible to stay in the Empire Tower in the business heart of the capital at an affordable price.

Good Mood Hostel: “general” experience in the Kitay-Gorod area


A few days before the New Year, I went on a business trip again. I preferred the centre of Moscow not because it is fancy decorated. It is great, but I’ve seen it before. I like the city centre because if there is only an hour of time left, you can spend it on “geographical discovery”.

Окрестности хостела "Гуд Муд" на Китай Городе в Москве

Trendy hostel Netizen and “non-Moscow” on Shkolnaya street


Вход и окрестные улицы рядом с хостелом NETIZEN в Москве

I have another business trip to Moscow in a week. This time I decided to try Netizen – fashionable, youthful, “conceptual” as someone called it in the reviews.  As a result, the sensations are very unusual. It’s as if I’ve been to a youth camp from Soviet fiction, where communism won all over the world.

Two Moscows and one Fasol Hostel


I always wanted to stay in the centre of Moscow. During that trip, the forecast drew quiet frosty days and I wanted to walk, look in the courtyards and beautiful buildings and didn’t want to spend an hour on a one-way trip.

рядом с хостелом Фасоль в Москве на Чистых прудах