Hostel Rules

-Check-in time is 12:00am. Early check-in is possible at the Hostel’s discretion upon availability of free beds.
-Valid passport and payment of all sums due is required at check-in.
-Check-out time is before 12:00am. After checking out you can spend some time in the Hostel lobby by prior arrangement with receptionist.
-You can prolong your stay only upon availability of free beds/rooms for the desired period.
-Please keep the noise level down from 11pm till 8am.
-The management of Artist Hostel is not responsible for any loss of personal items left unattended.
-Guests of our customers can stay in the Hostel premises for not more than one hour between 10am and 10pm. Non-customers are not allowed to make noise, use the kitchen, take a shower and use WiFi connection of our Hostel.
-School group leaders (or any other group leaders) take full responsibility for the behaviour of the group in the Hostel.
-It is prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages or take drugs in the Hostel.
-The management reserves the right to reject guests who are drunk at checking-in despite the prepayment they made before.
-Smoking in Hostel premises is strictly prohibited. Smoking is allowed only in places specified by the receptionist.
-Customers shall be charged for any and all damage caused by them to any Artist Hostel property during their stay. The charge depends on the market price of the damaged property.

We reserve the right to reject any guest who:

-do not have a valid passport or other alternative documents;
-are under the age of 18 years unless accompanied by an adult or having a legal permit from parents;
-are drunk, violent, aggressive or out-of-control;
-dusturb the other guests, making them feel uncomfortable;
-do not accept the rules of our Hostel.

Please, Show Respect for Those Around You!

-We kindly ask you not to spend too much time in the shower especially in the rush hours.
-We kindly ask you to skip file sharing websites (including torrents) when using Hostel’s WiFi connection.
-Consumption/storage of food is not allowed inside the dorm rooms;
-Please listen to music in headphones.
-Playing а musical instrument or listening to loud music is possible only by prior arrangement with management.
-Kindly wash your utensils (cups, plates, forks, spoons, etc.) after use and keep the tables clean. Please, store your food in the refrigerator.
-We kindly ask you to leave the kitchen after you’ve finished cooking or eating.
-Pease ask the receptionist for details of using the washing machine.