Development of domestic tourism in Russia


There are often some visa problems recently and the ruble doesn’t allow us to dream about spending holidays abroad. Such conditions are perfect for development of internal tourism in geometrical progression.
The industry of hostels in Moscow was in condition of stagnation for a long time, but changes of moods of internal tourists stimulate the fastest growth.

Moscow is well-known for its high prices. It has to get ready for a boom of hostels: here you can see either magnificent five-star hotels, or “hostels” from the period of Soviet Union.
But high-quality hostels appear now.
Businessmen see high potential in hostels. It is a great opportunity for their guests to stay in the heart of the city for a reasonable payment.

Внутренний туризм России

Developing tourism in Russia

Affordable accommodation is necessary for hundreds thousands of tourists who visit the Russian capital during important international events.
Meanwhile, the market of hostels in Moscow isn’t as huge as in other large European cities. At the moment the search on gives you only 397 options of accommodation.
Fortunately, the majority of these options are hostels of a new modern wave which meet the standards and the requirements of the international society and don’t remind the “Soviet hostels”.
Ones of these hostels are hostels of Artist network. The network of Artist hostels meets all requirements of our quests and is ready to develop and keep up to date. We have united low prices of hostels and high quality of hotel’s service. And we also have added care of our guests and homeliness from our hearts.
The appearance of high-qualified hostels gives excellent chances for development of internal budgetary tourism which, by the way, brings rather big profit either to hostels’ owner or the state.
Economic downturn and crash of the ruble have created an opportunity for development of internal tourism. But, if Moscow and its hostels don’t use such attractive opportunity, travellers will probably begin to travel to London or Paris as soon as they will be able to afford it.
There are still a lot of questions which needed to be solved to make internal tourism accessible to anyone.
Hopefully, the first steps on this way are already taken.

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