Travellers’ tips: how to find your perfect hostel?


Choice of accommodation is rather responsible question for every tourist. If the person has great financial opportunities ,there is no need in limiting himself, he could just stay in 5-stars hotels or in an apartment overlooking the sea.

If the budget is modest or it is necessary to stay for just one night, it is better to choose a hostel. There are plenty of hostels in every single city or town in Europe. They offer their services for a small amount of money. But what “hostel” is?

  • a hotel with a small amount of rooms generally youth-oriented;
  • shared rooms. The number of your neighbours depends on the hostel occupancy.
  • as a rule there are no toilets and bathrooms in the rooms, they are of general use;
  • guests are usually able to have dinner in a sitting room;
Choose the Artist Hostel in Moscow

Choose the Artist Hostel in Moscow

Such conditions can seem not the cosiest and the most comfortable ones at first sight, but it is only at the first sight! Young people who travel a lot prefer staying in hostels to spend more time with cheerful neighbors. Hostels are perfect places to make new friends! Couples choose such place for temporary accommodation quite often. Hostels are great for business travelers too.

Important points

It should be taken into consideration that not every hostel is good enough. Rooms are usually booked though the Internet or telephone and it is always possible to get “pig in a poke”. Sometimes guests find the rooms not as comfortable and cozy as on the photos. To avoid such problems it is better to read guests’ reviews and to choose hostels with informative web-sites.

Rooms rates depend on the amount of sleeping places in the room. And even if you don’t have any neighbours it is cheaper for you to book dorm than single, double or triple rooms. Make decisions according to the situation and you budget.

Some hostels concentrated only on the quantity. Others are different and try to avoid large groups of people, noise and mess. So there are only rooms for four in such hostels.

The rooms will cost you much cheaper if it is for female and male leaving together. But it’s better not to save your money on it and to choose the most comfortable variant. Not all of us will like it to change clothes or to sleep with stranger man or woman.

Don’t forget to be interested in the opinion of people around you. Why not to read reviews of the chosen hostel on various websites and forums? At the same time it is worth paying attention to:

  • the rating of the hostel on the basis of guests’ reviews;
  • popularity of hostel among others;

Check-in and check-out time

Your arrival time should be taken into consideration. Most hostels begin check-in in the morning at 11:00. But if you appear in the place much earlier and you have a wish to relax and have a rest, then in hostels of Artist Hostel network it is always possible to spend time in the kitchen, or in comfortable sitting rooms with TV.

Find a hostel in Moscow

Find a hostel in Moscow

If it is already time to lodgers to be checked-out, and there is a lot of time before departure from the city, then many hostels allow to use the general zones and left-luggage offices for suitcases while you spend time walking around the city.

Arrangement of hostel and safety

In certain cases rather attractive accommodation can be surprisingly cheap. Perhaps, the hotel is on the suburb near the unsuccessful and unsafe area. It is better to choose the hotels located in the city centre near local sights. To have an idea where you are living, find a map on the Internet on our website.

Pay attention what people generally complain on:

  • personnel;
  • location;
  • cleanliness of rooms;

Some additional expenses should be taken into account. Sometimes it is necessary to pay extra money for the Internet, cleaning and food, but possibly all is already included in the total cost.

It is worth to pay attention to left-luggage offices or safe deposit boxes. When you live in the same room with strangers, the risk of thievery is too high. Things are usually putted into the save deposit boxes, the administration gives a key to the guest, and the guest can check in.

Now let’s focus on the 6 main things which must be payed attention to while choosing a hostel:

  • rating of hostel;
  • popularity of hostel;
  • positive and negative reviews.
  • whether there is a parking near a hostel;
  • whether catering services are carried out;
  • the living contingent.

But if you have no time for searching an ideal hostel, simply arrive to our hostels and you will never go wrong!