10 best hostels in Europe


The word «hostel» can be translated literally into English as «hostel European». «European»-in this case, is considered a kind of standard arrangement of the hostel. This is first of all a good design of the room, quality furniture, high quality service, affordable rates and comfortable accommodation in one space up to 10-15 guests. A so-called «co-working» is a single space for work and communication on interests of different groups of people.

10 best hostels in Europe

10 best hostels in Europe

For example, in Germany, according to the edition «The Guardian» the most quality and affordable considered in this season hostel Berlin «Berlin Plus».

Berlin hostel

Berlin hostel “Berlin Plus”

Its convenient location near the S-Bahn station, gives the possibility to reach the Central station and the main sights of Berlin. In the left part of the building is adjacent to the ruins of the Berlin wall. The tourists and guests and a large restaurant, indoor pool and sauna. The team of the «Berlin Plus» very friendly and ready to assist guests 24 hours a day.

Next edition notes hostels in Portugal and Spain «Gallery Hostel» and «U Hostels»,

Hostel in Portugal

Hostel in Portugal “Gallery Hostel”

and hostel Dream Hostel in Finland.

Dream Hostel in Finland

Dream Hostel in Finland

By Moscow standards, frankly, they usually look like a decent modern large apartment for instance in Sokolniki, with IKEA furniture and bright colour filling interior items.

The main item on the version of the same edition of this season came hostel Ostello Bello», Milan, Italy. The guests Ostello Bello meets a free drink. A delicious Breakfast (you can ask the chef to cook at any time of the day) is already included in the price. Your Luggage can be placed in a special box under the bed. After long walks guests are offered a terrace to relax on a hammock. Pricing policy from 28 Euro per night (approximately 1200руб).

Hostel in Italy

Hostel in Italy “Ostello Bello”

But it seems to me that for a bed in a dormitory, even in 4-bed room and a delicious Breakfast is expensive. In Moscow, for example, the most expensive price for a good bed in a hostel with a design renovation will have to pay a maximum of 1000 rubles.

Anyway, European rating shows that tourists are happy throughout Europe around the clock. Even in the small European village, you can always find a decent sleeper in the friendly guest house. We, in Russia, in addition to the two capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg this kind of hotel services are underdeveloped. Tourists are offered expensive for the regions of the hotel, designed mainly for transit tourists, have relatively few options.