Every day Moscow is visited by thousands of people with different goals – work, rest, study, treatment, and much more. Most of them needing shelter. In this regard, rent of apartments by the day in Moscow is of a fairly high demand.

Apartment by the day and other possibilities to rent a budget accommodation in Moscow

Today landlords offer a fairly large selection of apartments. On the websites of the organizations engaged in the rental of a dwelling, you can pick up any variant with different conditions. Quite easy to find an apartment:

  • from one to four bedrooms;
  • different comfort levels;
  • in any area of the city.

The price range also allows you to use a portable housing for people with different income levels. However, not everyone can afford to rent an apartment for a day. Moscow is known to be a fairly expensive city. The value might be affected by such factors as:

  • number of rooms;
  • interior;
  • location;
  • proximity to the metro and much more.
  • Sometimes the price for the majority of visitors is too high.

What is inexpensive flats and apartments of economy class?

The first criterion is the cost of such housing. Budget apartments, as a rule, are located in residential areas of Moscow: it is the home of the old buildings, panel or monolithic. Since the price plays a crucial role, for the tenant has little value, how well developed infrastructure in the selected area, what the size of the kitchen or bathroom in the apartment.

Apartment by the day in Moscow inexpensive – is it possible?

There are situations when the apartment need not for one day, and on two or more days. Not difficult to calculate that it will cost a lot. In such a situation, the solution would be to rent rooms in the hotel-type hostel.

Hostels in Moscow for almost 10 years, but already widely disseminated in the city. And are popular among the tourists and other guests of the capital. Such mini-hotels can be found practically in any area of Moscow.

Accommodation in a shared room will cost just 700 – 800 rubles a day. If you arrived, 3-4 thousand rubles, you can remove the family room. A Studio apartment by the day in Moscow can cost about $ 3000 rubles, three – bedroom-5000 rubles The price may vary considerably.

Using the services of the hostel, you get:

  • cheap accommodation in the centre of Moscow and hostels network “ARTIST HOSTEL ‘ is located on Clean ponds, Krasnye Vorota, at Mayakovskaya, Myasnitskaya and Baumanskaya street);
  • apartment near subway station;
  • possibility to rent a place in the General (we offer male and female rooms) or single room (one person or a whole family (up to 6 persons);
  • service close to the hotel (the price includes Breakfast, cleaning of rooms);
  • in each hostel has administrator who takes charge of maintaining. Also he can learn any reference information about the city;
  • transfer from the airport or station, assistance with documentation;
  • for large groups or long stay discounts from 10%to 20%.

If you need an apartment for night in Moscow – cheap hostel room will be a perfect alternative.